First Time

The basics

Here to help!

If you have not done pole before please don’t be nervous, we will look after you! Here is some information which will help you on your way!

    Please arrive 5 minutes early to allow time to change. If you miss the warm up/are late, you will not be allowed into the class.

    When you arrive please follow our signs to the changing room/lockers. All you need to bring into the studio with you is water and your locker key!

    Please leave all jewellery and shoes in the lockers.

    Please wait in the reception until your class is called.

    You will be lead in a standard warm up, followed by either a Dance style or Strength style warm up.

    We then come around and teach you!

    You will then be lead in a cool down to finish your class

    If you have any questions when you finish, don’t hesitate to ask your instructor!

If you have done pole before but not been to Watermelon before, don’t worry, we would love to have you! Simply email to find the appropriate level for you!

What do I wear?

    For Level 1 - Please wear leggings or shorts and a regular to.

    For Level 2 - Please wear shorts and a regular top.

    For Level 3+ - Please wear shorts and sport bras are highly recommended.

    We recommend for all your pole wear needs.

What should I bring?

    Please bring a bottle of water, our tap water is drinkable if you need to top up.

    If you are Level 3+ please bring your own liquid chalk/dry hands.

    We recommend bringing a notebook and pen to document your pole journey/moves!

    Some students like to bring their own hand towels if they get quite sweaty.

How do I book?

Please book directly through our booking site here.

Why Watermelon?

We frequently get asked why we named our studio after a fruit! We chose the name after Dirty Dancing’s famous quote ‘I carried a Watermelon’ as we love dancing so much!


If you are not sure if pole fitness is for you, read the comments of our existing students on how they have progressed their fitness. Their journey may persuade you to join the Watermelon family!

I had done pole before elsewhere but had a 2 and half year break. When I found out The Watermelon was opening I got in touch straight away, I was there on the first week it opened, and never left :) The Watermelon studio is a little peace of heaven on earth, the studio itself is beautiful and welcoming, the students and atmosphere are amazing, and Gwen is the best pole teacher I've ever had. Since starting at Watermelon I've achieved things I never thought I could, I've moved up 2 levels, I've performed my own routines 4 times and I've fallen in love with pole again. To top it all up, Watermelon has given me the chance to take classes with some word-class pole dancers.

My sessions at The Watermelon have become the best moments of the week, is the best therapy ever and my favourite place to be!

Lidia Prieto- Lafuente

Where other schools missed it, watermelon (gwen) was so quick to correct things that I was doing wrong, that were causing injury. The professionalism and structure is wonderful.

Sarah Mackenzie

Well what can I say about pole. I love it! It is my go to happy place!

A lot of people think it's only for certain type of people but what I've learned is that it's for everyone and anyone. Anyone who wants to learn a new skill, exercise and increase confidence.

I started pole in August 2014 and started at The Watermelon Studio with Gwen. I started right at the beginning and have since progress onto level 4. I'll not lie, it's not all been easy. There's been times I've got frustrated at not getting moves and yes, there are bruises but nothing can beat the feeling you get from learning a new move, from laughing with new friends and the confidence it all gives you. Your pole friends are there to support you and encourage you as well. They're a great bunch!

One thing I had always tried to work at in the gym was my core and upper body strength but never succeeded...until pole. The strength and flexibilty it gives you is amazing, as long as you work at it.

The instructors are all amazing and always there when needed for advice and support.

I couldn't ask for a better bunch of guys and girls to pole with and cannot promote pole enough :)

Zara Mcdowell

For someone like me with no fitness or dance experience, The Watermelon Studio is a god-send. From the very first class, you'll be using muscles you never knew you had, to execute spins you never thought you could pull off! The mixed classes make you feel totally comfortable progressing at your own pace, and there's a wonderful atmosphere of cooperation and encouragement between students. Having your classmates cheer when you nail a tricky move, because they're genuinely happy for you is an amazing feeling. You'll have so much fun and get so engrossed in mastering moves, you won't even notice you're getting a workout.

Gwen is fantastic teacher. She's incredibly warm and welcoming, bubbly, funny and full of energy. Lessons are always taught with professionalism and enthusiasm, and you never feel like you're bothering her, but the classes, workshops the wonderful studio are a testament to just how much passion, time and hard work she puts in.

Alice Palmer

I've been doing pole for a few years but due to lack of co-ordination and nerves, haven't progressed as much as I would like. I started coming to Watermelon in the past year and since then have achieved moves I never thought I would get to, tried spinning pole, attempted routines and dance and have had some of the best fun ever in classes. Gwen is an amazing instructor. She knows how to instil confidence, is tough with you when you need it (i.e. trying to chicken out) and is there with a high five and even a cuddle or sexy wiggle if you get your move! Her enthusiasm is legendary and her approach means everyone achieves their goals. Guest instructors, workshops, comedy photos, a cute wee studio and attention to detail makes The Watermelon Studio the best pole place in town. I would recommend it (and I do) to any and everyone.

Abi Diack

I started at the watermelon studio after being coerced by a friend to try it. I was very apprehensive as I had no upper body strength and very little dance ability. Gwen made me feel welcome straight away. I realised everyone was at the same starting point as me and after one class I was hooked. I’ve been poling for just over a year now and I’m amazed at how far I have come, both in terms of strength and confidence. Having had severe body image issues in the past, pole has help me learn to accept my shape. I’ve even performed in just a sports bra and shorts! – something I never thought I’d managed before. I’m so glad I found Watermelon and couldn’t imaging poling anywhere else!

Ashleigh Kelly

Watermelon is a very well run dance studio . It's a safe environment. Classes run to time table . It's fun and very welcoming . So much support and encouragement from both instructor and other pupils.

Elizabeth Hutson

If someone told me I would be able to get myself upside down on a pole within a year I would have laughed in their face. But I have achieved that and much more. I feel so much stronger and more confident within myself since starting pole. Pole has given me new friends and new goals. I honestly couldn’t recommend The Watermelon Studio more.

Rebecca Swadzba

I discovered The Watermelon studio after a knee injury prevented me from continuing with running and high impact fitness classes. I was miserable not exercising and needed a low impact sport to be able to continue. I came to a beginners taster session and fell in love with everything pole and everything watermelon. The classes are friendly, supportive and so well structured you are constantly progressing and each move builds the strength and coordination for the following move. As a personal trainer I needed to gain CPD points to remain registered with REPS. Gwen was brilliant and supported and me starting my beginners pole fitness instructor course and helped me work on the required elements. We were progressing well but while studying I fell pregnant with my son so had to push my course back. I was unfortunate that back problems prevented me from doing much more than walking during my pregnancy. Six weeks after my son was born (after the okay from my doctor) i tentatively came back to pole. I will be totally honest, it was an overwhelming, frustrating and emotional first few classes back. By this time the team had expanded and poor Sandi and Gwen had the job of dealing with a hormonal mess of a student! The support given was second to none, physically guiding me l from the beginning of level 1 back up to my pre-pregnancy level. It was the perfect balance of emotional support and kicking my butt when I was getting down on myself. That initial support along with the continued support from them and the other instructors Emma and Gill has helped me to get back into pole quicker than I thought possible. I never in a million years imagined that 6 months after my son was born I would be announced as the new watermelon instructor! Gwen had studio 2 in the pipeline and knew I was already in the progress of studying to become and instructor so it was a match made in heaven. From a student perspective I cannot reccomend watermelon enough no matter what your fitness background, shape, size or ability you will be welcomed and supported through every step of your pole journey. I am so excited to join the team and I only hope to make the girls proud to thank them for all the support they have given me in getting here.

Rowan McLeod

I started pole in Glasgow and the Watermelon Studio was highly recommended to me when I moved to Edinburgh. Since I had only done pole for a year I started at level 1 and 2. I would highly recommend this at any level so you can learn the whole syllabus since every studio is different.

All of the instructors at Watermelon are so supportive and a massive inspiration. The studio is like one big family. I have made lots of friends and have so much fun. The studio has had a huge impact on my life when moving to a new city. I have struggled with my mental health and the studio has become my happy place. I love fitness and also attend the gym. Pole fitness has made a massive difference to my core and upper body strength. It also motivates me to keep up my weight training. When I work hard in the gym I notice my pole tricks get better and vice versa. They both go hand in hand. My body confidence, self-worth and self-belief have sky rocketed since I came to Watermelon. Watermelon is full of the most amazing, beautiful people and I am unbelievably proud to be a pip.

Tracey Hunter

I was a complete beginner when I began taking classes at The Watermelon Studio, and when I first walked through the door I had no idea how hooked I’d get. My favourite thing about Watermelon is that it doesn’t matter whether it’s your very first move, or if you’re finally nailing that trick you’ve been dreaming of for months - everyone get’s the same amazing support and encouragement. Now, a little over a year after starting, Watermelon is where I go to unwind and I can’t believe how much my fitness has improved. I couldn’t recommend it more highly!

Robb Hollis

I started at the studio with zero co-ordination, no upper body or core strength and not a person who liked exercising. However the instructors are very friendly, supportive and will go at your pace - they always make you feel safe. Pole dancing at the Watermelon Studio has definitely increased my strength, co-ordination and confidence. I've been there 3 years and I wouldn't exercise in any other way or go anywhere else now. The Watermelon promotes support to each other so being a pip feels like being a part of an extended family, and it's so much fun.

Suzanne Hannock