About Us

The Watermelon Studio specialises in Pole Dance lessons in the centre of Edinburgh.

We run weekly pole classes, as well as several workshops. We also allow students the chance to focus on routines, strength, dancing in heels and more!

With The Watermelon Studio running weekly classes, dance parties, workshops and more, we have what is right for you.

  • Winners of 'The Community Award' at Edinburgh Business Awards

  • Winners of ‘Demonstrating Best Practice in Safety Award’

  • Wnners of 'Commitment to Excellence Award’

  • Second in 'Best Studio' in the Off The Pole Community awards

  • Nominated for 'Outstanding Teacher' at Pole World Festival

  • Nominated for 'Demonstrating Best Practice' at Pole World Festival

Gwen Owner/ Head Instructor

I’ve always loved dancing but never found a style that I wanted to stick to. While doing my degree in ‘Drama’, I would always try to incorporate dancing when I could. With my degree I learnt how to facilitate workshops, how to teach, and gained more experience with dance. Since 2012 I began attending pole lessons and then soon became an instructor. After 6 months of teaching I became head pole instructor. I branched out on my own and completed PDC approved ‘Discoveries Dance Instructor Training Certification Course’ and am qualified in ‘Emergency first aid at work’. I then completed my PDC certified Dancer at Level 4 and 3 star PDC registered instructor. I am in continuous training with pole artists from around the world by attending regular workshops and private lessons. I dreamt of owning a studio which is filled with positivity and encouragement, and am so grateful to have The Watermelon Studio. The support from the instructors and students has been amazing, and it’s helped make what Watermelon is today.

Over the last few years I have completed my Xpert Essential Heels course, Xpert Spin Pole course and became a 4 star PDC instructor:



Sandi Instructor

After years of dance in my school years, I decided to return to dance in the form of pole in 2013. After having two children I wanted to get fit and I was hooked from day one! As I progressed I decided I wanted to share my skills and enthusiasm with others at The Watermelon Studio.

I am committed to maintaining The Watermelon Studio's ethos of safe pole fitness & dance technique. I completed my first instructor training back in 2015, but continuing my development as an instructor is vital in this ever-evolving industry. From then I have certified in many other qualifications, including Xpert's levels 1-4, heels technique, and L2 group exercise exercise to music qualification. I was nominated for 'Outstanding Teacher' at Pole World Festival 2018 and won the 'Commitment To Excellence' award in 2019.


Rowan Instructor

Having studied dance from and into my late teens, I left school and I went on to study HNC musical theatre before moving to London. To supplement my income I completed my Personal Training Diploma and Fitness Instructor certificate and discovered a new passion working in a gym in central London. On returning to Edinburgh I began Pole dancing as a fun fitness alternative after an injury prevented me long distance running. I started teaching at The watermelon Studio doing the (non - pole) dance parties which were great fun and after being a student at Watermelon for years I started training to become an instructor. Completing my qualification was delayed slightly by the appearance of my son Brodie into the world. But thanks to the continued support from Gwen and the other instructors at The Watermelon Studio I was able to get back into training and complete my Discoveries Dance qualification and get started with teaching.

Since then I have gone through another pregnancy with my daughter, qualified in teaching stretch and flexibility and I am currently studying Spin pole and Xpert 3+4 to further advance my teaching.

I love strength, conditioning and breaking down moves and figuring out what each muscle has to do. But more recently I have been re-discovering the heels and dance side of pole again thanks to my amazing colleagues.


Robb Instructor

I started my pole journey without any background in sport or dance at all. I was spending so much time on my computer at work and really needed something to get me more active. Safe to say I had no idea how quickly I’d get sucked into pole life at The Watermelon Studio! I was coming along to class on my own, but quickly found a whole big bunch of Pip friends!

Fast forward a few years and I’m pretty sure I screamed out loud when I was asked to teach at The Watermelon Studio. I completed the Discoveries Pole Dance Instructor Certification and became a PDC-approved pole instructor. I’m qualified in Emergency First Aid, and I’m a certified PDC level 4 graded dancer. Training as an instructor has given me an even bigger appreciation for Watermelon’s commitment to making sure their students take time to hone and refine their pole technique and strength in a safe environment, and I’m proud to be at a studio with such a great reputation.


Natalia Instructor

I started my journey with pole dance 5 years ago as a student at the Watermelon Studio and recently I've joined an amazing team of instructors. I remember when I've seen a bomb drop on TV and I thought to myself that one day it will be me and yes bomb drop become one of my favourite moves. My goal is to create a fun but safe environment in class, so everyone will feel relaxed and welcome. I love seeing when students become more confident, strong and empowered. It's such a beautiful moment watching them grow.

I recently became qualified in my Xpert Level 1-2 and hope to continue my training over my time at Watermelon.


Alice Instructor

I always avoided sport and exercise due to poor coordination and low self confidence, but tried pole at The Watermelon Studio in my late 20s in an effort to get fit and move out of my comfort zone. I was instantly hooked and I've never looked back! I love that it's completely normal to be an adult beginner with no background in sport or dance, and you can focus on tricks, flips, spins or dance flow, and incorporate your own personal style into your pole movement. Nearly 9 years on and I'm excited to join the studio as an instructor and help others on their own pole journeys. Building strength and confidence, finding ways to help them learn to do things they never thought their bodies were capable of, in the same safe and supportive environment I did. I recently became qualified in both Xpert Level 1+2 Pole, and Spinning Pole.